Hearing Screenings


Children Screened


Schools and Early Learning Facilities Screened 2016-2017


Dedicated Volunteers


Years of Conducting Screenings

Early Learning Facilities

Our Foundation is dedicated to early detection and intervention of hearing loss. The mission of this project is simple- identify! Our quick and fun screenings will help determine if a child may have hearing loss. We utilize both OAE and Audiometer machines. The OAE machine is not response-based and is typically used for children from ages 1-3. The Audiometer machine is response-based and is used for children ages 4 and up. Both screening procedures are quick, interactive and fun for the children! Each child gets a cool sticker and a high-five, regardless of their willingness to participate. :)

Pasco County Schools

Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation has been screening the children in Pasco County Schools for over 18 years! Every year, we work hard to coordinate volunteers and staff to attend and screen 74 Head Start, Elementary and Middle Schools in Pasco County. In the 2016-2017 school year we screened over 16,000 students! We are passionate in ensuring that every child can hear the world around them.
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