When insurance won't help...

A Letter from Davie Grace's Family:

Davie is 3 years old and as active as ever. Davie was born on August 6th 2013. I'll never forget that day, or the first time I held her. She was perfect. In the hospital, they conducted their newborn exam on her ,which included a hearing exam. Unfortunately, Davie failed her hearing test in her left ear. We were told at the time, that this could be normal due to me having a c-section. We followed up 2 weeks later with the Children's hospital and she failed at that time again. It was then, that we knew she was going to have permanent hearing loss in her left ear.  We were saddened at the results, but wanted  to get her the care she needed. For the next 3 years Davie was seen by the local ENT and audiologist. She was also a part of the early steps program. During that time Davie received hearing exams every 3 months. Unfortunately, because of her age and lack of cooperation, we were unable to get a full picture of how severe her hearing loss was. Finally, when Davie turned three we were able to get some good results and actually see what was going on with her left ear. Davie has moderate to sever hearing loss in that ear, and a hearing aid had been requested. Due to the time frame of these findings, she was no longer eligible for funding for her hearing aid through the early steps program. We contacted our insurance company, which we have through my husbands work ,but we were told that it does not cover hearing aids, even if they are medically necessary. When we sat down with her audiologist, I was shocked at the price it was for one hearing aid. We were quoted about $2,800.00, and also told that they had no payment plan option or financial assists available. As most families these days, we live paycheck to paycheck. We didn't have an extra $3,000 laying around to pay for her hearing aid. To say the least, I was very upset with the lack of help they had for children in need. I began my research on finding someone or some foundation to help with the funding of Davies hearing aid. I'm not exaggerating when I say I most of called over 100 people, foundations, and hearing aid companies both in Florida and out of state just looking for some assistance. The answers were always the same, either sorry we cant help you try this company, or you make too much money for our program. I was beginning to get very disappointed. I cant even remember how I got the number for Sertoma, or even what day I left a message for someone to call me back. With that being said, I received a call back from one of their wonderful employees. As I told my daughters story she listened to every word and when I was done she sweetly said OK well we can help. I think I sat there in shock. I had spent countless hours researching and making phone calls to what felt like hundreds and hundreds of people. To say I cried after that phone call would be an understatement. I knew that my daughter was going to get her hearing aid, and I knew we would be able to afford it thanks to Sertoma. I cant even begin to thank them enough for the dedication and commitment they have to children and families in need. My daughter will get the help she needs,and be able to hear like you and me because of Sertoma. No words can describe the feeling you get as a mother when you know your child will succeed. Thank you Sertoma .

When dad reads you your favorite book...

A Letter from Audrey's Parents:

Audrey was fit for her first pair of hearing aids when she was two years old. She was diagnosed with high frequency hearing loss. Up until that time Audrey always seemed like she was always in her own world. She only said a couple of words and when she did talk or make noise it sounded like she was under water. As soon as she started wearing her aids we noticed a huge difference. She began paying attention to the people and world around her. My favorite memory was on the first day, my husband began reading her favorite book and she looked up at him in happy surprise with an expression that said, "So THAT'S what you've been saying!" I am forever grateful that my daughter has received the gift of hearing.

So she can hear herself sing...

A Letter from Cara's Mom:

To say I was in denial was putting it lightly. I found out our daughter had a hearing loss and  I had a lot to process when given the news. There was a fear, sadness, frustration, confusion,  and much more. It took me a few weeks to get things in order to finally get her hearing aids fitted. I had heard and read nothing but scary stories of the cost of these aids and then children refusing the aids, trashing them, and flushing them! The cost of these such precious and needed devices was unexpected. Yet another wave of fear, sadness, frustration came over us. Then we were introduced to Sertoma! This organization was beyond wonderful! They spoke to me and answered a lot of my many questions. They told me to apply and see if they could help! They called back within 24 hours of the application being received and I had to have them repeat back to me a few times what they were offering! I got off the phone and immediately started to cry! They were going to provide something so valuable so my little girl could hear!

The day she was given her aids has now been engrained in my memory forever! Her reaction was absolutely amazing! We had an hour and half drive home and she sang the entire way!

Thank you is just not enough!

Admiring the sound of the trees, cars and music...

A Letter from Dylan's Family:

Dylan along with his family, friends and teachers are grateful for Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation to help Dylan receive his hearing aid.  During Dylan’s first hour wearing his hearing aid, he was ecstatic to be able to hear like everyone else; he heard the leaves on the trees blowing in the breeze; he heard the sound of cars going by, he even heard music at its best - clearly.  He was just so excited and amazed on what he has been missing for a very long time!  He academics greatly improved, as well as his speech.  He is no longer needing to read lips to help him hear his Teachers, friends and family.  Dylan’s friends have greatly accepted his “new piece of technology” and has given him so much support.  And finally, Dylan can hear the TV and radio at normal volumes, and there is no more yelling in the house…in the same room!  His quality of life has changed for the better and without Sertoma, Dylan would not be a happy 9 year old boy these days.

Sometimes cochlear isn't enough...

A Letter from Noah's Mom:

Thank you so much for all you have done for helping Noah! Words do not express our appreciation! I have attached a picture of Noah.

Noah is 9 years old and lives in Winter Haven. He is in 4th grade this year. He enjoys football and spending time with friends and his little brother Eli, who is 5 years old.

Noah has mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears. He has difficulty hearing soft, high pitch sounds. The cochlear in both ears are not functioning. His hearing was tested last year in January with his pediatrician. He has since been to two audiologists and an ENT specialist who all came to the same conclusion. Without hearing aids, most conversations sound very muffled to Noah. He has difficulty hearing higher pitched voices, mostly females.

Noah has done well in school, but with the ability to have the clarity to hear, Noah will be able to reach to even more potential that he is capable of achieving.

Thank you for helping to make all this possible for him.
Replacing hearing aids that are 5 years old...

A Letter from Gavin's Mom:

Thank you cannot begin to express how much your organization has helped our family. Our son Gavin is 5 years old and has sensorineural bilateral hearing loss. He was in the same aids since he was 10 months old. He needed a new pair because one was broken and both were outdated. He was not getting enough from his aids anymore and needed better, updated technology. The cost of 2 new aids would have been $7,000.00!! We cannot and would not have afforded a new set. We would have had to put the cost on a high interest credit card that would have ultimately cost us approximately $9,000.00! Our son loves his hearing aids and we are so happy he is getting all that he needs from them. We (and families like us) need you and appreciate all the support!!

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